Concentrating on something sometimes may be hard, especially when you don’t want to do the job or are not really interested in what you do. But very often we are not asked whether we want to do it or not, we have our duties and should do them well.
What are the ways to increase concentration that can help to overcome the problem of inattentiveness? There are such ways that really work but require certain efforts and a little time. It’s not an easy task to learn controlling the level of your concentration but it’s still possible.
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What is concentration

If you feel that it’s hard for you to focus on a task and your mind is wandering, it means your ability to concentrate is not in norm. It’s a frustrating situation which is familiar to many people especially of older age.
In general, concentration is our ability to direct attention in accordance with our will. Proper level of this ability lets us control our behavior, work, ways of spending time and so on.
We need this ability balanced and developed to be organized, manage tasks successfully, focus on certain points, avoid unrelated thoughts and feelings. Knowing how to develop concentration we can control our life. You can do one thing at a time, without jumping from one point to another. It helps to save time, nerves and energy.
When you have your whole attention engrossed in one thing only, you can do more and have better results. The ability to command the mind is not as common as we can think. What helps concentration? Actually we should work to impove it. It means we need special training of our mind, memory and concentration.
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What causes difficulties with concentration

To understand what can help with concentration you need to know what leads to its lacking. There are a lot of reasons that can cause the poor concentration. Some of them are clearly understandable. But some reasons are not so evident and you cannot even guess about them. Among them are the following:

  • not resting enough,
  • having negative habits (smoking, ect.),
  • overeating,
  • leading passive lifestyle,
  • having a lot of distractors around (music, social networks, mess).

Natural remedies such as specially designed supplements are effective to improve the situation with lack of attention. You can try “Adderin” – the  cerebral enhancement complex which is recognized worldwide. It increases general mental energy. The remedy was clinically tested and has proven great benefits to mental health.
There are certain tips to increase concentration which are really easy to fulfil and they don’t require efforts.  Concentration is an activity like any others. Having easy practice you can improve your brain. You can do the next thing.
Make the card divided into 3 sections: morning, afternoon and evening. Every time you feel that it’s hard for you to concentrate make a note in this card. The principle of this exercise is informing your brain about the issue. This method helps pinpoint vulnerable times for you. You can determine what time your concentration is the lowest. Due to this information it’s possible to find out the reasons of the problem.

Types of concentration techniques

To improve your concentration you need to use different methods and approaches.

The first is improving your way of life, correcting the daily routine and using natural remedies. The second is medications. The third is combining healthy lifestyle with taking natural supplements instead of medications. You can choose any of reliable natural remedies you know. For example, “Adderin” is a very effective and safe supplement that gives quite quick results.
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What can you take under control? Indeed, there are a lot of things you can watch to help your mind concentrate better. The first rule – focus on one task at a time. Don’t try to do many tasks simultaneously. It’s really distracting and slows down the productivity.
How to concentrate better? Make a rule to switch between tasks of different levels of attention required. Changing the tasks gives your brain possibility to rest and restore itself. So switch jobs of high intellectual tension with simple tasks.
Prioritize. When you want to do everything, you are distracted from concentration by your own thoughts. It leads to jumping from task to task, creating just an illusion of work. You will never have any results of such work and also will feel tired and useless.
It’s important to give yourself rest between periods of working load. Continuous monotonous occupation can really irritate and depress. So take short breaks to avoid fatigue and overstrain. Two main ways to concentrate better are changing activities and taking breaks during long-lasting working tasks.
Start using keywords technique. Choose any word regarded to be a “key”. When you lose your attention, start repeating this word continuously. As a result your brain will connect using this word with the necessity to go back to your main task.

Ways to get rid of inattentiveness

  1. Take rest in necessary amounts. Your body needs to restore during the night. Lack of rest affects the ability to concentrate dramatically. Your mind should be calm to be able to deal with different tasks. Without rest your mind is scattered. But remember that oversleeping will not lead to better concentration and is even harmful.
  2. Balanced dieting. Improper eating is connected with load of digestion. Because of this you can feel tired and sleepy all the time. When you eat in healthy amounts and regularly, it will help you to feel energetic and have clear mind. Drink more water because dehydration also influences negatively our well-being. Without enough fluid, we can’t operate at peak performance.
  3. Plan your daily routine. You will always have things under control if you see them in order in your notebook. Having no certain purposes at every moment of your working day brings wasting of time. Usually people tent to be distracted to tons of unimportant things if they think that they have enough time. It’s also important to include entertainment activities in your plan, not just work.
  4. Relax and meditate. It’s a scientific fact that meditation improves concentration power, memory and general state of mind. The main principle of meditation is ability to concentrate.
  5. Be active. Physical exercises keep both your body and mind in good shape. Maintain healthy weight, stay fit, move more. It’s very beneficial for improving concentration skills.
  6. Stabilize your usual environment. Make sure you feel comfortable, nothing distracts you from work or other tasks.
  7. Do special exercises for developing attention.

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The most effective way to improve concentration

What is really good is improving the flow of oxygen to the brain. To do it you should take a walk every morning to stimulate the blood pumping. Give your brain little breaks every hour.
You should know that every moment you can meet a distractor which takes your attention and stop thinking about main things. So use tips to increase concentration. The main advice here is ignoring. Don’t pay your attention to all new noises and images that appear in front of you. Focus on the things which are really important to you. Turn a so called “blind eye” to distractions.
Add natural supplements to you dieting. “BrainPill” is an advanced supplement to improve concentration. It gives quite obvious results within short period of time. The remedy is made up of only natural ingredients and that’s why it’s totally safe. You won’t experience any side effects. If you’re allergic or suffer from any chronical illnesses, you need to consult your doctor before beginning to take the supplement.
Combine different ways to improve concentration and you will feel the effect quicker. Normalize your eating habits and try to move more than usually. In combination with exercises for your brain and natural supplements you can feel the improvement within some months.
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